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IMPORTANT! We never handle plain text passwords - this is the only place where you see your password so please copy them to a safe place!

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Your public service identifier is . Use this value as a request header value named X-Printmotor-Service

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You can use both of these accounts now, but once your account and service has been enabled for production access by Printmotor personnel, everything that you send with production keys will be produced and send to customers, and charged from you. Likewise, you may always use test keys for test orders, these orders won't never be sent to customers nor charged from you.

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If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, we're happy to help!

Now you may e.g. login to partner admin. You can do this with either one of your credentials. From partner admin you may also place an order manually without any API integration.

You can also check out the documentation to see how orders are sent.

Create Printmotor API account

Fill the form below and start use Printmotor REST API. Note: After signing up, you will be greeted with a page containing the credentials to the Test and Production accounts. This is the only time your credentials will be shown to you; please make sure to note them down.

With your API credentials you're able to login to Printmotor partner admin, as well as send API calls; e.g. send user orders via HTTPS REST interface. You may also place an order from partner admin by first creating an account below.

Since each placed order will be produced to physical products and sent to customer, your account will be in test mode first. This means that you can send real requests to production environment, but before going live Printmotor personnel will validate your account and invoicing details. We'll send you an email once validation is done, but you can start to develop and test immediately!

If you're in hurry with production, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask for a fast lane and you're ready to go!

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